Creative Kids – Structured Participation and Learning Activity Package JUNE 2020 Course


The aim of this course is for your child/ren to:

Develop skills using Acrylic Paint as a medium for all abilities.

This course is specifically designed to build capacity, confidence and creativity in a fun, nurturing & relaxed flexible learning environment.
Each student will be encouraged to develop a passion for their work and an understanding of the fundamentals of Painting.

The course will be delivered flexibly over a period of 5 weeks with a mix of material delivered including.


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  1. Live and recorded Step-by-Step painting experiences.
    Sessions are recorded for flexible learning for those that cannot always attend the live interactive classes. 
  2. Painting pack delivered to your door
  3. Learning materials delivered via our Facebook group learning environment and
  4. Interactive learning sessions tailored at the needs of the group.

The package includes;

  • 1 x Facebook Account Per Voucher eligible for Digital Access to our Virtual Lesson modules and Virtual Interactive Painting Lessons.
    Your Child/ren will need access via their parents or their own facebook accounts to access this course.
    **All Items required to participate are included as “Complimentary”with the course and mailed to the participating child which includes;
  • 1 x guide to making a homemade cardboard easel within module 1 of the course – aimed at getting creative.
    This pack has no optional items and Items cannot be swapped nor are they interchangeable as items have been set based on course requirements.
  • The RRP for this course $705.00 and available to you for a short time only by payment with your Creative Kids Voucher.

    Package and Virtual course available for a limited time only – Limited Spots available in each course.
    Complementary Art Supplies are as follows and may change in accordance with stock levels.

  • 1 x 10 Sheet Artist Canvas Pad A3 (280gsm).
    1 x Artist Set of Acrylic Paint Brushes (11pc).
    2 x Canvas Boards (30x40cm) for final painting submissions to Art Competition.
    1 x Paint Pallet (plastic) or 3 x Paper plates
    (Pallet or plates in pack are subject to stock availability and are not optional)
  • 1x Water Colour set  (travel set)
    1 x Signature Acrylic Paint Set

Home packs will be sent out the last week of MAY. We will email you when the pack has left the studio and course is ready to start.  Please keep your order number when you submit your voucher details as this number will be needed to access the online course. 

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