Paint & Sip for Your Business Venue

A creative marketing solution!

Paint and Sip is a step by step group painting experience led by professional instructors accompanied by drinks and/or food.  For example, it can be coffee and cakes, wine and platters or BYO. Paint and Sip is generally for the non-artist, those that have never painted before and have likely never signed up for an art class. Paint and Sip is about the experience and not the perfection of artwork.

So why engage Paint and Sip Studios to popup at your venue? The answer is simple, attract a new audience to your venue by doing something different. Paint and Sip can help you create a memorable experience for your customers, that will bring them back to your business time and time again. We do all the work, and you can be involved as much or as little as you want.

Convinced? (Or simply want more information?)  Let’s chat and create a new event for your marketing calendar.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pop-up and where can it be held?

A Paint and Sip pop-up is where Paint and Sip Studios comes to you with the instructor and everything needed for the paint and sip experience.  You simply provide the venue and any optional food and drink packages.  A pop-up can be held almost anywhere.  Our partners and locations range from Corporate partners, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Workplaces, Community Centers, Private residences, Community events, Parks and more.

How is a Paint and Sip pop-up marketed & paid for?

Paint and Sip Studios advertises a pop-up in several ways (not limited to);

  • Facebook paid promotions to the surrounding area of the pop-up
  • Instagram
  • Community networks
  • Website, etc

The host advertises through their own mediums which generally range from Facebook, websites and/or another web presence as well as on-site.

Do you need a special occasion to do the pop-up?

No, pop-ups are the occasion itself.  However, we can tailor the event to any special occasion you might have, Christmas parties, Valentine’s day, Fundraising events and more.  We also do themed paint and sips where the painting is tailored to the occasion.

How to book a pop-up?

Paint and Sip Studios can come and sit with you at the venue to be hosted and discuss the space, layout and set up, what’s involved, host options, marketing and a mutually agreeable date for the event, or book now using our online form.