The Art of the Party!

Paint. Collaborate. Create.

Have an occasion to celebrate? Or just want to unleash the inner artist next time you have friends over. Then impress with an extraordinary, memorable and fun experience with a Party by Paint and Sip Studios.

Great for: any occasion including;

birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Christmas parties, engagement parties, family reunions, farewells, graduations, group outings, housewarmings etc.

We uniquely tailor each event to your needs with a range of themes and extras that will make any occasion and memorable one.

What you’re making: Choose from a range of canvas options below


Private Parties/Events (Adults)

Minimum charges apply.

Contact us for a quote for a children’s party.

How it works


Step 1:

Choose a date

Step 2:

You’ll choose your project and we’ll schedule one of our amazingly talented Paint and Sip Mentors just for you and together we will lock it all down. We will check in as we get closer to the event to reconfirm all the details.

Step 3:

All you need to do on the day is show up and have fun! Your Paint and Sip Mentor will bring everything needed for the experience and will guide you through the process. 


If you’re using an outside venue, look for a venue that has a semi-private space that can comfortably seat the number of people you are looking to have in the experience – each person needs around 2ft or painting space.

The space needs to be well lit without any obstructions and preferably with hard surface floors as paint and carpet don’t mix well. If you cannot avoid carpet, we can provide drop sheets at an extra cost.

Your venue needs to have table and chairs – we use table easels in our setups. 

Any food and drink packages are to be arranged by you with the venue.

We Supply all the Art Materials:

We supply everything needed for your Paint and Sip experience including the Paint and Sip Mentor, high-quality paints, canvasses, brushes, aprons, and other tools.

We do not supply tables and chairs. 

FAQs for private events

Does Paint and Sip Studios supply all the materials?

We purchase only high-quality materials including aprons, paints, canvasses, brushes and other tools so that your experience is an amazing one.

How long does a paint and sip experience go for?

Paint and Sip experiences start at 1.5hrs plus. If you are booked into an experience you can check the duration of your session by logging into your account - or for private and other events check with your event organiser. For all experiences, participants should arrive no later than 15 min prior to the event start time to allow for seating and preparation time. Painting starts promptly at the scheduled start time.

What is a private popup event, and where can it be held?

A Paint and Sip private pop-up event is where Paint and Sip Studios comes to you with the instructor and everything needed for the paint and sip experience.  You simply provide the venue and any optional food and drink packages.  A pop-up can be held almost anywhere. Our partners and locations range from Corporate partners, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Workplaces, Community Centers, Private residences, Community events, Parks and more.

What extras can paint and sip studios arrange?

Paint and Sip Studios have an extensive range of themed paint and sip options as well as a few naughty offerings (Click HERE to view extras)

Do I need a special occasion to do a private popup event?

No, pop-ups are the occasion itself.  However, we can tailor the event to any special occasion you might have, such as Team Building, Adult and Children’s Birthdays, Christmas parties, Hens parties, Valentine’s day, Fundraising events and more.  We also do themed paint and sips where the painting is tailored to the occasion.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here:

Who supplies the food and beverages?

The host is responsible for organising and serving all food and/or beverages.

Do I have to paint the same thing as the artist?

Not at all. Whilst our Paint and Sip Mentor will lead the ‘one’ Painting per experience, we encourage individuality and in your artwork. So go ahead and change anything from Colours, Shapes and Design to produce your own unique artwork.

Can I choose the painting?

Of course you can. You can choose from our extensive catalogue of pre-designed canvases or we can customise a canvas just for you with prices starting from $150.

Can I book a Children’s Paint and Sip Party?

Of course, you can. Our private Paint and Sip can be booked for those 6 years and older. Min charges apply.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

To reschedule or cancel any Paint and Sip bookings please submit a request through the ‘move or cancel my booking’ request form.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here: