Pop Up Events: Rockhampton Studio

Click here for instructions on how to SUGGEST A PAINTING

To suggest a painting/subject please follow the below steps
Step. 1
Be the first person or group to book a date and time.
(This will be possible if 15 seats are left (during COVID restrictions)
Step. 2
Email us within 5 days of booking @ (rockhampton@paintandsipstudios.com.au
) referencing your
**order number and include your **Subject/Painting suggestion.
You can suggest a theme such as Beaches or Animals or you can suggest a painting from our catalogue you have seen previously on our website or Facebook page/s.
If we do not hear from the initial person that has booked into an event – Paint and Sip Studios will assign a painting for you. It is important we have a painting up within weeks of the event to ensure maximum sales.
Step. 3
We will offer a few samples for you to decide from keeping in mind the desired Subject or Theme.
Step. 4
You choose a painting and we will allocate that painting to the designated event booked by you.

***Once a painting is up on the website – this is what the artist will be taking the group through step by step – no further requests will be taken.

*IMPORTANT* Suggest a Painting T&C’s:

  • Paintings can only be from our catalogue – you can choose from paintings of ours that you may have seen before – or you can let us know of a subject you have in mind.
  • We do not accept paintings or pictures pulled from external sources including Google and Pinterest.  If we have something similar, we may be able to accommodate that theme or subject. We fully respect the copyright of other artists.
  • We do accept Photographs that you have copyright ownership of or copyright permission to use. Permission will need to be given to us in writing from the copyright owner.  We will let you know if that Photo is able to be translated into a Paint and Sip Experience.
    Complex photographs may not suit our experience and/or timeframe.
  • Suggest a painting EXCLUDES our Special Themed Range which includes but is not limited to: Journey to Hogwarts and related themed paintings / Day of the Dead / Special Characters / Paint your Pet. We will work with you around this process and let you know what is and what is not included.
    If you are ever unsure, please ask us before you book to avoid disappointment.
  • Note: We do not give you access to our entire catalogue for copyright protection – this process is a collaborative one and your subject idea is the key to working towards your chosen painting.


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