Who is Paint and Sip Studios?

Paint and Sip Studios Australia (Paint and Sip Studios) are Australia’s Premier Paint and Sip company offering a range of experiences including pre-booked paint and sip experiences advertised on our website to uniquely tailored experiences for any occasion at any location.

With Paint and Sip Studios Australia it’s all about the experience and you are #1.

 So, what is different about Paint and Sip Studios?
We are uniquely different from competitors right from the moment you experience our website through to the end of your Paint and Sip experience.

How you might say?

Well by knowing you are #1 and putting our focus on you and your experience with us.

We know your experience right from our website matters, and we purpose built it.

We know you might never have painted before, so we hire mentors, not instructors, you’re not in a class room, you’re at a party!

We know quality matters, so we purchase high-quality aprons, paints, canvasses, brushes and other tools so that your experience is a quality one. And believe us when we say – these things matter.
Poor quality canvases, brushes, paints etc make for a rougher experience and you might be left thinking ‘well that didn’t work out well’, when it may have been poor quality tools that contributed to your not so great experience.

So have peace of mind when booking with Paint and Sip Studios knowing;

It’s all about the experience!

And you are #1!


Paint and Sip can be booked as the occasion itself or if you need an idea for an occasion, then check our list below;

Adults and children’s birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, business launch event, café or restaurant pop-up for any tailored occasion, Christmas parties, engagement parties, family reunions, farewells, graduations, group outings, housewarming, pub events, school groups, team building, themed events, winery or brewery paint and sip experience, work outings.

We guide you step-by-step

Our Paint and Sip mentor guides you from start to finish with professionalism and flare, we make sure every person receives attention throughout the Paint and Sip so that your experience is a memorable one. And don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school – or at all – our mentors are there to guide you step by step, so you leave with your own masterpiece.


Come along to a Paint and Sip Studios event already booked with location advertised on our website for an amazing experience. Alternatively,  you choose your own Paint and Sip experience, pick and lock down your venue and we’ll show up with the goods.

If you’re worried about the venue choice we can suggest venues in your area, work with you to choose the venue and can also check out a venue you’d like to use.

We know that collaboration is key to an amazing experience and we want nothing less for your chosen event.

General FAQs

Does Paint and Sip Studios supply all the materials?

We purchase only high-quality materials including aprons, paints, canvasses, brushes and other tools so that your experience is an amazing one.

How long does a paint and sip experience go for?

Paint and Sip Fundraising experiences start at 1.5 hrs plus. If you are booked into an experience you can check the duration of your session by logging into your account – or for private and other events check with your event organiser. For all experiences participants should arrive no later than 15 min prior to the event start time to allow for seating and preparation time. Painting starts promptly at the scheduled start time.

What extras can paint and sip studios arrange?

You can see some themed event ideas and extras here: https://paintandsipstudios.com.au/themed-event-ideas/

Do I need a special occasion to do a private popup event?

No, pop-ups are the occasion itself.  However, we can tailor the event to any special occasion you might have, such as Team Building, Adult and Children’s Birthdays, Christmas parties, Hens parties, Valentine’s day, Fundraising events and more.  We also do themed paint and sips where the painting is tailored to the occasion.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://paintandsipstudios.com.au/terms-and-conditions/

Who supplies the food and beverages?

Paint and Sip Studios do not provide or arrange any food and/or beverages at any venues. Food and/or beverage options may be offered by the venue and your booking will outline either BYO or purchasing options available.

Do I have to paint the same thing as the artist?

This is dependant upon your event. If you are booked into an advertised event then Not at all. Whilst our Paint and Sip Mentor will lead the ‘one’ Painting per experience, we encourage individuality and in your artwork. So go ahead and change anything from Colours, Shapes and Design to produce your own unique artwork. If you are booked into team building event the painting might have been chosen for you. Check with your event organiser if this is the case.

Can I book a Children’s Paint and Sip Party?

Of course, you can. Our Private Paint and Sip can be booked for those 6 years and older.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

To reschedule or cancel any Paint and Sip bookings please submit a request through the ‘move or cancel my booking’ request form.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here: https://paintandsipstudios.com.au/privacy-policy/